Unit Packing

Ski and Sea was the first housewares supplier to offer unit packing. All the housewares for one unit type are delivered together, so when you receive them, you can install them in the rooms, directly into the cabinets.


With unit packing, you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors shipping housewares that arrive at different times. You don’t have to worry about separating eight glasses for the two-bedroom units and twelve glasses for the three-bedroom units. Unit packing simplifies your life and saves you money.


Unit packing is just one of the innovations Ski and Sea has come up with over the years. We’re always thinking of ways to make your life easier. Our innovative thinking is just one example of the standard of service that our clients have come to associate with Ski and Sea.

Some vendors don’t pack per unit. But we think that’s like ordering a sandwich and getting the bread delivered separately. We think the Ski and Sea way just makes sense.


So any time you’re doing a partial refurbishment or even just changing out a few housewares at a time, it’s smart to go with Ski and Sea. Then, when you receive your housewares, you can install them in the rooms, directly into the cabinets. It’s just one way Ski and Sea’s service saves you time and money.