Our History

In 1968 Barbara Nelson founded “Ski Country Shopper,” pioneering the idea of the housewares package for the then-new timeshare industry. In 1977 Jennifer Nelson Miner, her daughter, joined the company. Today, as President and CEO of Ski and Sea International, she oversees the company’s legacy of impeccable service, quality, style and value. The family tradition continues at Ski and Sea with the addition of Lindsey Miner, Executive Vice President of Ski and Sea and President of our business partner, Inventory Smart.


As the resort development industry has grown, Ski and Sea has built its business based on simple, innovative solutions. The idea of the housewares package was only the beginning. With our 10-Year Place Setting, Ski and Sea was the first in the industry to offer guaranteed availability of matching replacements for dinnerware and silverware for at least ten years. Customers who bought Ski and Sea’s custom-designed lines of silverware and dinnerware in 1983 can still order replacements today. And Ski and Sea continues to innovate in the areas of purchasing and inventory technology, unit packaging and shipping.


But at the heart of Ski and Sea is a truly old-fashioned attitude about how to treat customers. Jennifer leads a team of professionals who combine their abilities to offer service that anticipates customers’ needs and simply makes their lives easier. As Jennifer says, “We are more than a vendor. We partner with our clients to provide information, ideas, options, analysis, service and solutions to keep them ahead.”


Ski and Sea’s client-oriented approach means that every project has its own custom designed housewares package which takes into consideration such things as region, style and price point to fit perfectly the expectations of the guests.


The combined experience of Jennifer and her staff make Ski and Sea the preferred housewares service for clients across the nation and the world. Ski and Sea’s experts answer questions, test products, research materials and finishes, refine processes, expedite, train, educate and troubleshoot – whatever it takes to give clients exciting choices, practical options and products that perform. They make choosing and stocking housewares and replacements easy for the industry’s most demanding developers, owners, designers and brand managers.