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Have You Seen?

We’ve found some new lines of bath accessories that we love. If you’re working on a project that has clean lines and a traditional mood, we think the style shown here would fit perfectly.


Ski and Sea offers the services of our Creative Director to help you select housewares to coordinate with your project’s character. Send us your renderings and materials boards and he’ll be happy to help you select tabletop items, housewares and bed and bath accessories to complement your design.

Have You Seen?

We share your belief that small details count.


When the guests in your project are going to expect the best, even the choice of seemingly insignificant items like kitchen accessories is crucial to enhancing the guest’s experience. You know they notice details and when the vegetable peeler works, looks and feels good in the hand, it means a positive guest experience. And your clients will be happy.

If you’re a designer or architect, working with Ski and Sea to select your housewares has real advantages. Advantages that make your life easier and save you money.


Send us your renderings or materials boards and our Creative Director can work with you to select housewares that perfectly fit your project’s style and budget.


Ski and Sea can be your one source for kitchen, bed and bath accessories. No need to deal with multiple vendors, no worries about discontinued items. We’re the housewares experts. We’ll take care of it for you.


We have a warehouse full of housewares that we can ship within 48 hours, if you need it. Or we can help you select custom items from the hundreds of vendors we work with. So for large projects with plenty of time before opening, or for one unit that needs to install on a quick deadline, we can help.


We have over 40 years’ experience, so we know just what your guests will expect in a housewares package, down to the smallest detail. (Did you remember to spec some nice looking  coasters to protect the finish on the furniture you’ve chosen? We’ll remind you.)



“I am very pleased to have a partnership with someone who shares our commitment to quality.”